Parrot Tree

“Parrot Tree” Yes,you here it right.Have you ever seen it?I’m blessed to capture that amazing moment. You can enjoy this breathtaking moment just at the entrance gate of the Nanded Railway Station, Maharashtra,India. Each parrot was sitting on the tree represting a leaf.You can see it. I wish I had a DSLR😄.Captured memories at dawn […]

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“Unexpected” It feels great when the things you want happens unexpectedly. No anxiety. No nervousness. No more rounds from here to there. Be at peace. Let the things fall into place themselves. The bunch of happiness puts a big smile on face. Everything is expressed by a beautiful glint in eyes. -Deepika Chavan Pic Credit: […]

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“Give me a hug…”

Give me a hug… It puts a smile on my face. It makes me more alive. It gives me support. It makes me happy. It feels peaceful. It feels secure. It soothes me. It adds life in my life. Just…Give me a miraculous hug. – Deepika Chavan Pic Credit: Respective Owner

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“Tear” Last night a tear rolled down on my cheek. It was warm.I felt it. As it was just a small part of pain burning inside me. As soon as the breeze touched my cheek, I felt a cold soft touch & that tear drop vanished in the air. It made my heart quenched like […]

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“In the forest…”

“In the forest…” In the forest, Walking on the fallen leaves, Smelling divine fragrance of beautiful flowers, Is what peace all about. In the forest, Feeling magical touch of breezy air, Enjoying drizzling rain, Is what peace all about. In the forest, Sleeping on green grass, Hearing chirping of birds, Is what peace all about. […]

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“If you love…”

“If you love…” If you love someone… you nurture them, you respect them, you motivate them, you support them, you care for them, you make them laugh, you do secret sacrifices for them, you always wish best for them, you can feel the pain in their eyes, you help to build themselves, you stand with […]

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” Unique ” My features are unique. My flaws are unique. Yes,I’m unique. My victories are unique. My defeats are unique. Yes,I’m unique. My experiences are unique. My problems are unique. Yes,I’m unique. My perception is unique. My intelligence is unique. Yes,I’m unique. My friends are unique. My interests are unique. Yes,I’m unique. My family […]

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